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Ball fiber pillow filling machine line

Production name: Ball fiber pillow filling machine line

Item no.: QL008B3


The whole line QL008B3 ball fiber pillow filling machine line is mainly used to processing 3D up plyester fiber ball processing and then filling into pillow, cushions by vacuum pillow filling system.

The whole line can be handled by only 1 operators controlled by Siemens PLC control system.

The fiber ball is processing by continuous method, so that the finished fiber ball silicon can be remain well and the finished productions are long life.

Easy to operate by stable machine performance.

Able to reach EU and UL safety standard.

Capacity: 200kg per hour more or less

Power: 58.6kw

Voltage: 3phase by order

Working width: 1000mm

Layout: 17200*8730*3750

Material application:

hollow / solid PSF 3D up to 15D

FR fiber

Please contact us for more technical details, photo and video.


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