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Production name: High capacity pillow cushion filling mchine line


Production Specification:

  • Production name: Vacuum pillow cushion filling machine line
  • Item no.:QL001EA
  • Capacity:20pc/min
  • Labor need: 2
  • Bale breaker working width:1200mm
  • Fine opener working width:1000mm
  • Filling station: 2
  • Air pressure: 6-8bar
  • Control system: Siemens PLC program
  • Layout: 14738*10362*3863mm
  • Weight: 9200mm


Material Application:

  • Hollow/conjugate siliconized polyester fiber 0.6D-15D 32MM-64MM


Machine description:

  • QL001EA Vacuum pillow cushion filling machine line is mainly used to blend 2 type of material and filling pillow, cushion etc after regular opening, in order to have special quality finished production;
  • The whole line can be handled by only 2 operators that is controlled by Siemens PLC program;
  • High accuracy raw material blending system which is 20g around only;
  • The control system is able to meet UL, CE safety rules
  • CE certification


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