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Production name: Teddy bear stuffing machine


Teddy bear stuffing machine



  • Production name: Teddy bear stuffing machine
  • Item no.: QL009B
  • Power: 12.85kw
  • Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase by order
  • Capacity: 120-360kg/h according to different production
  • Stuffing nozzle diameter: 12-60mm
  • Air pressure: 8bar
  • Weight: 2010kg



  • The computerized teddy bear stuffing machine is assembled with one unit of fiber opening machine, one fiber distributor and 2 sets of double slot stuffing machine.

  • It can be used to stuff teddy bears, cushions and special shaped chair pads, pet supplies.
  • The suitable material can be conjugate hollow siliconized polyester fiber that shorter than 100mm.

  • PLC control system; the material transportation and material quantity inside of the stuffer can be adjusted automatically.

  • The whole line can be handled by 5 operators and the capacity can be around 60 operators hand working.

  • V-wire opening roller, the fiber can be opened for more than 98% without hurting the silicon; the finished production can be more elastic, fluffy and soft.

  • Adjustable blending device that blends the material only while working time, so that the material inside of the stuffer is not easy become balling.

  • Different power voltage and safety standard can be ordered according to the customer’s local requirement.

  • CE Certification

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